Product info

Hand crafted bags made with waterproof, strong, beautiful, contemporary materials. We source all our bag body materials from UK based manufacturers who otherwise discard these materials to landfill.. The beauty of our products is that the material we source is new so we don't need to treat or clean it with industrial processes saving yet more energy. Coated fabrics from France, transparent PVC from Japan, Italian leathers.

We design, sample and test every bag in-house at our design studio, and work with local manufacturers to fulfil orders as we grow and expand, working with all our partners to ensure highest quality. Your purchase will be made to order and dispatched in 2-3 week.

Because we stitch the waterproof fabric there are perforations along the seams which are closed by the thick threads we use, so our bags remain water resistant to keep your precious belongings safe. The nature of how our sourced offcuts are collected, stored and processed, mean there are some inherent marks and variations but we work hard to select the best sections of material and we're very confident that as your bags wears in and ages, these features enhance the bags as they age with time and use. for any further information or questions please feel free to contact us.